Digital Youth is a very versatile artist. He is a musician, producer, writer, performing artist, sound engineer (and a lot more...) and the founder of the concept label Super Plus Records and the Modular Music Academy.
He´s well known for his high energetic Live Sets and DJ Sessions.
Live, he is bringing his cookin´hot fresh tracks - direct to the table. Mixed up with a refined taste of Dub, Electro, Breaks, Bass Music and more.
Of course always freshly served, with real live action.
If you have a chance to see one of his rare live performances - you gotta check it out!!!

- Quote from a promoter in Innsbruck -

In recent time Digital Youth didn´t release that much music because he was supporting many music projects as a Producer. For 2023 he is really motivated to release new music with his Digital Youth project as well as with his new project "Healing Hands".

Check out and download his Live EP for free!

And on Baiba´s latest album "Lighter" you will also find a great alternative version of the titletrack from him: